Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Birth Of Simply Country Living

For the longest time I've wanted to be an entrepreneur, I mean for a LONG time.  So why did I decide to go with a Rustic Furniture and Total Home Decor Boutique?  First, let me share with you a little bit about me, we're all friends here!   

I grew up in a small town in the Black Hills of South Dakota, Spearfish, to be exact.  For those of you unfamiliar with the area, it's about an hour and a half drive from Mount Rushmore (depending on time of year and tourist traffic of course).  Growing up I was always on a horse and in a lot of rodeos, up until I was in college at the University of Wyoming(go Pokes!) on a rodeo scholarship.  I guess you could say I know a bit about country living.  Years later my life is still very country.  I now live in scenic Cody, Wyoming, which I absolutely love.  I still spend many of my days on a horse, now it's focused on teaching my own children about horses, rodeo and so on.  If we aren't on our horses we're probably milking our Nubian goats, gathering eggs from our flock of chickens or something of the sort.  If it's summer we're more than likely outside, which is where we prefer to be.  

Now it may make a little more sense why I choose the endeavor I did.  I figured that if I didn't want to be inside all the time but still wanted a beautiful rustic and functional home, maybe you would want the same.  That's why I choose the products I did.  Simply Country Living to me means beautiful, high quality pieces that are durable and long lasting.  If you take care of these products they'll enhance your life, not rule it.  That's what living simply and living country is all about.  Take the high quality ultradurable washable stain proof area rugs.  They stand up to wear and tear, stains and you can even wash them off with a mild detergent if you need to.  That's music to a busy mom's ear.  

Black Forest Ultra Durable Stain Proof Washable Area Rug

 Or the handcrafted ceramic pottery dinnerware and bakeware.  These are the most beautiful pieces that are made with nontoxic materials right here in the USA.  They come in so many colors and patterns that there's absolutely something for everyone.     

American Blue Handcrafted Pottery Bowl

Those are just some of the offerings at Simply Country Living.  I truly hope you take a minute to look around, join the e-mail list and subscribe to the blog.  I would love to share my simply country life with you!


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Welcome to the Simply Country Living Blog! My name is Amanda and I'm passionate about living the simply country life. I live in Cody, Wyoming, the rodeo capitol of the world! If that's not country I don't what is. I live on a small place with 20 irrigated acres with four horses, one pony, 15 chickens, 11 Nubian milking goats, one dog and one cat. I'm the owner of, a on-line country home boutique full of high quality, unique products you will love!
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